Passage: Acts 10:9~35  

Key verse: 15

1. Get up, Peter. Kill and eat (9-23a)

While Cornelius' men were approaching, Peter was on Simon the tanner's roof praying. God gave him a vision of all the traditionally unclean animals for a Jew to eat. Yet a voice from heaven commanded him to get up, kill and eat. This horrified Peter, who was so conditioned to think of these creatures as unclean. Yet God insisted; he wanted to challenge Peter's deep, culturally conditioned prejudice, which was still a stumbling block for bringing the gospel to the Gentiles. The Spirit helped Peter to understand this and he welcomed the Gentile visitors inside.

2. God does not show favoritism (23b-35)

Peter went with the men to meet Cornelius. He now, did not hesitate to enter the Gentile's house. He had fully accepted what God had commanded. Cornelius explained his own encounter with an angel. Peter realized the full meaning of God's word to him, that God does not show favoritism but accepts anyone who fears him. Everyone who believes in Jesus receives forgiveness through his name. While Peter was speaking, the Holy Spirit came on all the Gentiles who heard the message. They were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for Jesus who makes anyone clean who believes in him.

One Word: Jesus makes me clean