Passage: Acts 10:1~8  

Key verse: 4b

1. Devout and God fearing (1-2)

To be a centurion in the Italian regiment would usually mean that one's loyalty would be to Rome alone and one would be regarded as an enemy and oppressor of Israel. However, Cornelius was different. He was devout and God-fearing; he both gave generously to those in need and prayed to God regularly. This tells us he sincerely sought God but had not yet found peace or an answer to his inner sin.

2. Bring back a man called Peter (3-8)

God heard Cornelius' prayer and sent an angel to tell him to find Peter who was in nearby Joppa and staying with Simon the Tanner. God wanted Cornelius to meet the man who could lead him to Jesus. Cornelius was obedient to God; he also had a trusting relationship with his two servants and a devout soldier, who went to find Peter.

Prayer: Lord, thank you that there are sincere and spiritually hungry people like Cornelius. Help me always be ready to share Jesus with them.

One Word: Everyone needs Jesus