Passage: Matthew 28:16~20  

Key verse: 19-20

1. Risen Jesus' authority (16-18)

The Risen Jesus appeared to his disciples on a mountain in Galilee. The disciples understood that he was worthy to be worshiped, though even in this group there were doubters. On earth, Jesus had humbly submitted himself to God's will to die for the sin of the world. Now God had raised him from the dead and put everything in his hands-all authority in heaven and on earth. Whatever happens, we can take confidence that Risen Christ is in control.

2. Go and make disciples (19-20)

Jesus gave a final command to his disciples, which they should carry out until he returns. It is to make disciples by baptizing believers and teaching them to obey all of Jesus' teachings. To teach others to obey, we first have to put Jesus' teachings into practice ourselves. Carrying out this command is possible because Jesus' own authority works through us. He promised that his presence will be with us and he will never leave us to the very end.

Prayer: Father, thank you that Jesus is with us always. I pray that I may be a good disciple of Jesus and help others also obey his teaching.

One Word: Go and make disciples