Passage: Luke 23:44~56  

Key verse: 47

1. The hour of Jesus' death (44-49)

The significance of Jesus' death was marked by God with a darkness that came over the whole land. Jesus' died willingly and victoriously, committing his spirit into God's hands. The temple curtain was torn in two, showing how Jesus' death opened the way to God. When a hardened Roman centurion saw how Jesus died, he was convinced of Jesus' righteousness.

2. Jesus is buried by Joseph (50-56)

Even among the council that had condemned Jesus, there was one good and upright man, who had not consented-Joseph of Arimathea. When he saw how Jesus died, he was emboldened to go to Pilate and offer his own new tomb for Jesus to be buried in. Joseph was used to honor Jesus in death and set the stage for his resurrection.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for Jesus' death, which opened my way to God. Thank you for good and upright people in unexpected places.

One Word: Jesus' death makes people holy