Passage: Luke 23:26~43  

Key verse: 43

1. Jesus goes to the cross for our forgiveness (23:26-34)

Jesus' death looked like a sorrowful tragedy. But Jesus reminded the grieving women that his death was to bring us to repentance so we may escape the judgment. Jesus was crucified between two criminals to offer forgiveness to anyone who comes to him.

2. One sinner repents (35-43)

In his seemingly powerless condition on the cross, people freely poured out their contempt and mockery on Jesus. But one of the criminals understood God's justice, and saw with spiritual eyes that God would give a kingdom to the innocent and holy Jesus. He humbly asked Jesus to remember him. Jesus instantly granted him eternal life in paradise. That was what Jesus came to this world to do.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I accept the forgiveness of all my sins from your cross. Thank you for bringing sinners to paradise.

One Word: Jesus was crucified to forgive and give us paradise