Passage: Luke 22:47~71  

Keyverse: 70

1. Jesus is betrayed, arrested, and abandoned (47-62)

Jesus lost everything within the space of one night. He was betrayed with a gesture of affection by one of his close friends. He was arrested and treated like a rebellious criminal. All his disciples ran away and only followed at a distance. Finally, the top disciple Peter denied even knowing Jesus three times. But Jesus looked at Peter with power to bring him to repentance.

2. Jesus' faithful testimony (63-70)

Jesus was mocked, beaten and insulted in order to intimidate him and break his spirit. But he was not intimidated before the Jewish high council. He exposed the hypocrisy of those who were trying him. Then, at the cost of his life, Jesus testified that he was the Son of God, using the mouths of his enemies. Though people condemned him, at his trial Jesus won the great victory for truth.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for Jesus who lost everything to bring me to repentance. Help me testify to the truth.

One Word: A victorious testimony