Passage: Luke 22:24~46  

Keyverse: 29

1. I confer on you a kingdom (24-38)

In the final hours before his arrest, Jesus' disciples were still having petty power struggles among themselves. They didn't need to struggle, because Jesus was freely conferring on them the kingdom he received from his Father. It would be a kingdom full of humble servants. Jesus counseled his disciples, especially Peter, about their upcoming temptation, and prepared them for the life of mission they would lead after his departure.

2. Jesus' prays to do God's will (39-46)

Jesus faced a life-and-death struggle to accept the suffering of the cross. In his humanity, it seemed too much to take on. Jesus honestly prayed for God to make a way out for him, but he also prayed to submit his will to God. His disciples had no spiritual strength to support him in his hour of need. But because he prayed like this, he could finish his mission for us.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for the kingdom you confer on us, which is greater than any worldly position. Thank you for your praying until you could go to the cross for me.

One Word: Jesus died to give us a kingdom