Passage: Luke 22:1~23  

Keyverse: 20

1. Judas agrees to betray Jesus (1-13)

Under the control of Satan and his own greed, Judas Iscariot secretly went to the chief priests to make a deal to betray Jesus. Jesus knew what was happening but went ahead to prepare the Passover celebration with his disciples. He knew that his betrayal and death were God's way to make him the true Passover lamb, offered for the sins of the world.

2. A new covenant (14-23)

At the Passover supper, Jesus planted the hope of the Kingdom of God in his disciples. Then he symbolically taught them that through his death he was giving them the most precious gift-a new covenant. It means that God would make an unbreakable love relationship with us, through the bond of Jesus' body and blood. Jesus' blood and Jesus' body were given for us so that we can have life.

Prayer: Father, thank you that your good purpose stands even when people are controlled by Satan. Thank you for the new covenant in Jesus' blood.

One Word: Jesus' blood and body were given for me