Passage: Isaiah 52:13~53:12  

Key verse: 53:5

1. A man of sorrows (52:13-53:9)

Isaiah predicted that the Messiah would be a man of sorrows, despised and rejected (3). He also describes him as a silent lamb led to the slaughter (7). Jesus bore all our sins and iniquities on the cross. He is the Suffering Servant of whom Isaiah wrote so poignantly. By his wounds I have been healed and have peace with God (5b). Jesus died for me. On this Easter, let's praise the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world and remember what he has done for us (7; Jn1:29).

2. He bore the sin of many (53:10-13)

After his suffering Jesus rose from the dead and prolonged his days; as our Risen Savior he shares with us the spoils of war (12a). Out of his shameful death on the cross, Jesus has given us an eternal victory over sin and death through his glorious resurrection. The suffering servant is now our Mediator who makes intercession for us (12b).

Prayer: Lord, thank you for Jesus the Lamb of God who bore all my sins and sorrows in silence.

One Word: Jesus the Man of Sorrows