Passage: 1Peter 1:1~12  

Key verse: 3b,4a


Among Jesus' twelve disciples, Peter was the most outspoken. Along with James and John, Jesus gave Peter special attention and training. Jesus called him, 'Rock.' But Peter had weaknesses. He denied Jesus three times on the night Jesus was arrested, put on trial and condemned to die. Still, Jesus prayed for Peter. Jesus' efforts and prayers were not in vain. As we see in Acts, Peter became bold after witnessing Jesus' resurrection and being filled with the Holy Spirit. When Peter preached in Jerusalem, 3000 people repented and believed the gospel. Peter was changed into a bold witness of Christ's resurrection, willing to suffer for Christ, and who finally understood why Christ himself had to suffer. Peter writes this book from 'Babylon' (probably Rome, 5:13) to believers scattered throughout Asia Minor by persecution. He encourages Christians to rejoice in suffering for Christ (4:13). He reminds us that Jesus suffered for us. He tells us that those who challenge the non-Christian world with the gospel and with their obedient lifestyle can expect to suffer too. But this is not meaningless suffering because of our sins. This is meaningful suffering which results in praise, honor and glory when Jesus Christ is revealed.


1. To the scattered elect (1-2)

Paul wrote this letter to God's elect, who had been scattered through persecution to the far reaches of Asia Minor. God's elect, then and now, are chosen by God Himself, sanctified by the Holy Spirit and sprinkled with the blood of Christ.

2. An unspoiling inheritance (3-9)

Peter praised God for the new birth He has given us through Jesus Christ. Through His mercy we are shielded by God's power until such time as our salvation is revealed. Because of this, God's people can rejoice, even in the midst of grievous suffering. These sufferings have a purpose-praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed.

3. Concerning this salvation (10-12)

Even the Prophets spoke about the gospel through the Spirit of Christ. Angels long to look into these things.

Prayer: Lord, I thank and praise you for the salvation you have given us through Jesus Christ our Lord.

One Word: New birth into a living hope