Passage: Isaiah 51:17~52:12  

Key verse: 52:7

1. Awake, awake (51:17-52:6)

Israel suffered under the LORD's wrath as the rebuke of their God for their sins, but he would remove his wrath and redeem them. Now is the time to awaken and clothe themselves with strength. God's redemption would remove all blasphemy of his name, as his people will all know his name and his mighty power.

2. Come out from it and be pure (52:7-12)

How beautiful are those who bring this good news, the gospel of the Lord's redemption, to his people! Those who proclaim peace, salvation and God's reign share in his great joy. His people will hear the good news, see it with their own eyes, and experience his mighty hand. All the world will see the power of God through their changed lives. As redeemed people, how should we live? "Touch no unclean thing! Come out from it and be pure!" Holy lives testify to the power of God's salvation.

Prayer: Father, thank you for redeeming me from sin to proclaim the gospel and live a holy life.

One Word: Our God reigns!