Passage: Luke 22:24~38  

Keyverse: 26b

1. The Lord's promise (24-29)

Once again, a dispute broke out among the disciples about who was considered to be the greatest. Their argument reminded Jesus of the Gentile kings who abused others with their power and authority while giving themselves hypocritical titles like 'Benefactor'. But this is not the way it is in God's kingdom. In his kingdom, the greatest is the one who serves others as Jesus did and not the one who sits at the table. The authority and respect the disciples sought in the world pales in comparison to what Jesus promised them. Jesus promised that in his kingdom, they would eat and drink at his table and sit on thrones to judge the twelve tribes of Israel. We can overcome all our selfishness by serving others with Christ's love and by resting in His promises.

2. Prayer and obedience (30-38)

Satan wanted to sift all the disciples, but Jesus prayed that Peter's faith would not fail. Even though Peter would deny the Lord three times, God answered Jesus' prayer and Peter's faith survived. Although Jesus would be numbered with the transgressors, he was obedient to the end and brought salvation to the world. By following His example, the disciples would overcome all the bitter persecution they would face as they spread the gospel to the world.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, help us to love and serve others.

One Word: Jesus helps us to be truly great