Passage: Luke 17:1~10  

Key verse: 10

1. Watch yourselves (1-6)

Jesus teaches us that we are responsible for our influence on others. Furthermore, a Christian cannot be indifferent to the spiritual needs of others. He must care enough to rebuke his brother when he sins. And he must love his brother enough to forgive him--without limit. The apostles knew that it was a matter of faith. Jesus told them that they didn't need much faith--only a little!

2. The hard working servant (7-9)

When a person does his duty, he has a sense of accomplishment and inner peace. He doesn't expect any reward or praise for doing his duty. A man who works hard all day doesn't expect his boss to cook dinner for him.He doesn't even expect to be thanked. We are servants of Christ Jesus. He bought us with his blood, redeemed us from the power of sin and death, and we belong to him. Whatever we do for him, however small, is done in response to his grace. Serving Jesus is our duty and our highest joy. When we have done everything we were told to do, we can only say, "We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty."

Prayer: Lord, I belong to you, saved by your grace of forgiveness. I am an unworthy servant; please use me in your work in any way you choose.

One Word: Rejoice to do our duty