Passage: Habakkuk 3:1~19  

Keyverse: 19

1. Do it again in our day, O Lord (1-16)

In the time of national calamity, the prophet re members the mighty deeds of the Lord, and prays that the Lord might do it again. He prays that God, in wrath, might remember mercy. The prophet has a vision of God coming in power and glory, like the rising sun. He shakes the earth and the mountains crumble. The nations tremble. Once he divided the sea and delivered his people whom he anointed to be a kingdom of priests. The prophet envisioned God coming in wrath. His heart pounded. Conviction came that the day of calamity for the invader was just a matter of time.

2. Like the feet of a deer (17-19)

Even though the olive crop fails and there are no sheep in the pen, we can rejoice in God our Savior. When God touches our lives, he coordinates our thoughts and feelings and actions like the front and hind feet of the deer. When we have singleness of mind and heart, we can walk with God on the heights and rejoice in him.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to rejoice in you and walk with you on the high places.

One Word: I rejoice in God my Savior