Passage: Luke 9:18~27  

Key verse: 20

1. You are the Messiah (18-20)

There was much speculation among the people as to who Jesus was. One day, while Jesus and his disciples were alone praying, he asked them who the crowds thought he was. They answered either John the Baptist, Elijah or another prophet. But then Jesus asked the disciples who they thought he was. Peter got it right. He immediately said, "God's Messiah." Today there is also conjecture about just who Jesus is. Who do you say he is? We must have an answer when we are asked this question.

2. What does it mean? (21-27)

Jesus told his disciples not to tell anyone about this. Then he taught his disciples what it meant that he was the Messiah. He would suffer and die, and then be raised to life on the third day. He also taught them what it meant to be his disciples. They too must suffer. They must deny themselves and take up their cross daily. Jesus' disciples must lose their lives in order to gain it. Jesus' disciples willingly give their lives to him. But those who are ashamed of Jesus and his words, he will be ashamed of them.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for Jesus, the Messiah. Help us to take up our cross daily and follow him.

One Word: 'You are God's Messiah'