Passage: Nehemiah 12:27~47  

Key verse: 43

1. A time of rejoicing and praising God (27-43)

Nehemiah's purpose in returning to Jerusalem was to rebuild the wall. Now the task was finished, and it was time to thank and to praise God. The Levites gathered in Jerusalem to lead the people in a great public singspiration. They organized an orchestra and a choir. They prepared their hearts by repenting. The priests and Levites purified themselves and the people. On the day of the dedication, everyone sang, danced and praised God with great joy.

2. According to the commands of David (44-47)

Thanks to God is expressed in the giving of tithes and offerings as well as in prayers and songs. The whole program of singing and rejoicing was done according to the instructions of the Bible. They remembered King David and his joyful singing before the Lord. There was a sense of participation in God's great redemptive history.

Prayer: Lord, when you give success to our work, help us to praise and thank you and give you all the glory.

One Word: Worship God in God's own way