Passage: Numbers 9:1~14  

Key verse: 2

1. Celebrate at God's time, in God's way (1-5)

Celebrating the Passover was to remember God's grace and protection when he brought them out of Egypt. As the tenth and final act of God's judgment, the angel of death passed through Egypt, striking the firstborn in every household. But the angel 'passed over' the homes of Israelites who had obeyed God by killing a lamb and sprinkling its blood on the doorframes. This event struck terror in the hearts of the Egyptians, so they almost drove the Israelites out of Egypt. God's people must remember that God hates sin, but loves and saves sinners who trust and obey him. We must remember his grace and have a sense of history.

2. Everyone must participate (6-14)

There were certain circumstances which prevented a person from celebrating the Passover at the proper time. God gave a second chance, for everyone should participate. This was a declaration of identity as an Israelite, as one of God's people. We, too, must have identity as part of the body of Christ.

Prayer: Lord, help me to remember your grace, and to identify with your people.

One Word: Remember the grace of God