Passage: Exodus 28:1~43  

Keyverse: 29,30

1. Sacred garments for dignity and honor (1-5)

In Moses' day, only Aaron and his sons were priests. Today, all believers are priests (1Pe 2:9,10). Priests are also sinful people. Their beautiful garments covered their weaknesses. Even God's servants cannot come into the presence of the Holy God unless he clothes them in his righteousness.

2. The ephod and the breastpiece (6-43)

The ephod and the breastpiece were fastened together and worn over the other garments. The names of the 12 tribes of Israel were engraved on the shoulder pieces of the ephod and on 12 precious stones affixed to the breastpiece of decision. The priest was an intercessor. He bore the people on his heart each time he entered the sanctuary. He sought God's will for the people. The mysterious Urim and Thummim had something to do with this. The priest brings the people to God and God's will to the people. This was a priestly task.

Prayer: Lord, help me to share in the priestly task of bringing the unbelieving world to you.

One Word: A priestly task (Ro 15:16)