Passage: Exodus 7:14~8:19  

Keyverse: 8:10b

1. The Nile turns to blood (7:14-25)

Pharaoh got up early to go out to the river, and Moses was waiting for him with God's message: 'Let my people go...' Moses warned Pharaoh that if he did not heed God's word, he would turn the Nile River, the source of life and object of worship in Egypt, into blood. Aaron stretched out the staff, and the water turned to blood.

2. Frogs and the finger of God (8:1-19)

After seven days, Moses went to Pharaoh again with God's word: 'Let my people go...' But Pharaoh's heart was still hard. So Aaron again stretched out his hand and staff, and frogs filled the land. They were everywhere--in beds, ovens, pots and pans. The magicians did the same thing by magic arts. But they couldn't get rid of the frogs! Pharaoh pled with Moses to get rid of the frogs. When he did, Pharaoh again hardened his heart. He refused to acknowledge God's work. So Aaron struck the dust, and gnats filled the land. The magicians surrendered, saying, 'This is the finger of God.'

Prayer: Lord, teach me to listen to your word and acknowledge your mighty work.

One Word: Pay attention to God's word