Passage: Exodus 6:28~7:13  

Keyverse: 7:5

1. Aaron will be your prophet (6:28-7:6)

God knew that fluent speech would not convince Pharaoh. But Moses was still worried about his language problem, so God sent Aaron to be his spokesman. Even though Aaron would speak to Pharaoh in fluent Egyptian, God knew that Pharaoh would not listen. God's word would only make his heart harder. God himself would bring Israel out of Egypt with mighty acts of judgment. Then the Egyptians, the Israelites and all the world would know that God is the sovereign ruler of all the earth.

2. Aaron's staff becomes a snake (7:7-13)

Moses and Aaron stood before Pharaoh a second time. When Pharaoh asked for a miracle to prove their authority, Aaron threw down his staff and it became a snake. But the Egyptian magicians did the same thing, and Pharaoh's heart became harder. He did not repent. When God's word is rejected, the heart becomes hard.

Prayer: Lord, hasten the day when all the earth will know that you are God, and all people everywhere will bow down and worship you and obey your word.

One Word: Listen to God's word