Passage: Luke 6:27~36  

Key verse: 6:35

First, 'Do good to those who hate you' (27-31). Jesus taught his disciples to love their enemies. We naturally treat others in the same way we have been treated. Jesus' followers are to be radically different. Hatred is to be repaid with good deeds. We pray for those who mistreat us. We give generously and do not withhold God's love. Jesus' life is the best example. Jesus loved those who hated him. This is how God has loved each of us. Second, live better than ordinary sinners (32-36). One does not need to be a Christian to love and do good. The challenge is to whom we do good and love. Ordinary sinners do both to those who will reciprocate in kind. Jesus holds his people to a much higher standard. God's children love their enemies and do good for them without expecting anything back. God's love, kindness and grace is revealed to the world in this way. God promises to reward his children when they live as Jesus did.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for being kind to ungrateful and wicked sinners like me. Help me to love like you.

One Word: Demonstrate God's love