Passage: 1Peter 5:8~14  

Key verse: 8

1. The prowling devil

Our real enemy is the devil. He is always sneaking around, looking for a vulnerable spot to attack. So we must be alert--prayerful and clear about our faith and our commitment to Jesus. When the devil attacks, we must not be surprised or discouraged. Our fellow Christians throughout the world also suffer because of his attacks. When we resist the devil, he runs away.

2. God restores

God himself will restore us when we stand fast in faith and depend on his grace. He will make us strong, firm and steadfast. Peter was with Silas, and they were in Babylon. Babylon here may refer to Rome, or it may refer to a small city of that name near the Euphrates River. Mark is the writer of the second Gospel, and the spiritual son of Peter.

Prayer: Lord, I am weak and vulnerable. Protect me from the devil's skillful attacks.

One Word: Be alert and self-controlled.