Passage: 1Pe 4:12~19  

Key verse: 13

1. Rejoice to suffer for Christ (12-14)

Most people seek maximum pleasure and minimum pain. But this is not Christ's way. He suffered for the sins of the world, and he calls all Christians to participate in his suffering, and to share in his glory. It is normal to suffer because of our faith in Jesus. It is better to suffer for Jesus than to suffer for committing a crime or for meddling. So Peter tells us to rejoice that we participate in the sufferings of Christ, for we will be overjoyed when his glory is revealed. Insults borne for the name of Christ turn to blessing.

2. Continue to do good (17-19)

Jesus will come again as he promised, to judge the living and the dead. Even those who are in God's family and who seem to be good people must stand before the throne of judgment. If the righteous are saved only by God's grace, what will happen to the ungodly? So we should not be discouraged by suffering; we must commit ourselves to our faithful Creator and continue to do good.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to rejoice in all circumstances.

One Word: Continue to do good--and rejoice