Passage: 1Peter 4:7~11  

Key verse: 8

1. Love covers a multitude of sins

Time is running out. How should we use it? First of all, we must be clear-minded and self-controlled so that we can pray. Above all, we must love each other deeply. How can we love others? First, we must pray for them. Then we must serve each other with whatever gift God has given us. God gives us grace to love unlovely people; he loved us when we were so dirty and sinful. Our love has its roots in God's love.

2. In all things God may be praised

Love is practical. It involves showing hospitality to each other without grumbling, and using God's gifts freely to serve others. But unless God is in our hearts and what we say and do is motivated by him, our feelings cannot be real love. What we do for others should not be done to get praise and attention for ourselves, but to glorify God. This is real love--the kind that builds.

Prayer: Lord, help me to love you and glorify you in everything I do and say. Teach me how to love my brothers and sisters.

One Word: Practice God's love