Passage: 1Peter 3:8~12  

Key verse: 9

1. Live in harmony with one another (8-9)

God wants his people to be a blessing. So our lives must reflect the compassion and humility of Jesus. We should live in harmony with others and love others, as Jesus commanded. A Christian should not hold a grudge in his heart. The words we say should come from a heart ruled by Christ. We should bless others and make peace with them, not make quick, sarcastic retorts that hurt. We must learn to bless others, so that we may inherit God's blessing.

2. The eyes of the Lord are on us (10-12)

Peter quotes Psalm 34 to explain further why we must repay insults with blessing. If we love life and want to see good days, we should be careful about how we use our tongues. We must keep away from lies and deceit. We must turn from evil and do good. We must seek peace and pursue it. We must live before God, for his eyes are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer.

Prayer: Lord, purify my heart. Help me to live in your presence and glorify you with my tongue.

One Word: Bless others; inherit a blessing