Passage: 1Peter: 2:4~8  

Key verse: 5

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Source:  BibleGateway

1. The Living Stone

Jesus is the Living Stone. He was the rejected stone--rejected by many people, including his own people Israel. But he was chosen by God to be the cornerstone of the new Israel, the capstone of God's redemptive history. This was a fulfillment of the promises of Scripture.

2. Living stones

We who come to him in faith are living stones in a spiritual house which he is building. We are not only a spiritual house, but also a holy priesthood. All Christians are priests who must offer spiritual sacrifices to God through Jesus Christ. Spiritual sacrifices which are acceptable to God are a repentant heart and a thankful heart (Ps 51:17). But the real task of he holy priesthood is to bring the unbelieving world to God in repentance and faith (Ro 15:15,16).

Prayer: Lord, thank you for calling me to be a living stone. Help me to share your gospel with the people of my times.

One Word: Come to the Living Stone