Passage: 1Peter 1:22~2:3  

Key verse: 2:3

1. Born again through the word of God

God commands us in his word to love our brothers deeply from the heart. We can obey his command when we are born again through his living, enduring word. Man's advice is weak and powerless. Kings and rulers perish. The things of the world are transitory, but God's word--the Bible, the word of the gospel--stands forever.

2. Crave pure spiritual milk (2:1-3)

When we are born again into God's family, we are like infants who need to grow. Babies grow by eating and exercise. We grow in faith, in inner peace and in strength when we study God's word and obey it. So we must repent of feelings and actions that come from worldly desires; we must crave the pure spiritual milk of God's word. When we begin to grow spiritually, we can taste the goodness of the Lord.

Prayer: Lord, cleanse my heart and put your word in me so that I may grow up in my salvation. Help me to keep growing until I graduate into heaven.

One Word: Crave pure spiritual milk