Passage: 1Peter 1:13~21  

Key verse: 13

1. Be Holy (13-16)

God is holy, so God's people must be holy. We live in a world that is in rebellion against God, so we should always be prepared for action. Most people set their hopes on worldly things, but we are called to set our hope fully on Jesus. Worldly people say, 'Do whatever you feel like doing.' This is the philosophy of ignorance. God's word tells us to overcome evil desires and obey the Holy God. We are pilgrims and strangers in the world. Our only fear should be reverent fear of God.

2. Redeemed from an empty way of life

The sinful human tendencies and ways of life inherited from our forefathers do not have to determine our lives. We have been redeemed from the past by the precious blood of Jesus. We should not be fatalistic about ourselves. Fatalism keeps us from being prepared for action.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for saving me from a meaningless life. Help me to live a holy life, by your grace.

One Word: Redeemed by Jesus' blood