Passage: James 4:7~12  

Key verse: 7

1. Submit yourselves to God (7-10)

Our enemy is the devil. He does not like it when we decide to submit ourselves to God. He is very powerful, and he can defeat us if we fight him with our human strength. But when we resist the devil and come to God in repentance and faith, the devil will flee and God will give us victory.

2. Don't judge brothers or neighbors (11-12)

If we judge our brothers or our neighbors, we give the devil a handle on our own lives, and he can defeat us. The Bible teaches us not to judge others, but to repent ourselves; so, if we judge others, we are sitting in judgment on the law. We must not judge the law; we must keep it. We must listen to the Law and repent. God is the Law-giver and Judge. We must live humbly before him.

Prayer: Father, help me to resist the devil today. I want to draw near you; please draw near me. Help me to love others instead of judging them.

One Word: Resist the devil and he will flee