Passage: 2Timothy 2:14~19  

Keyverse: 15

1. A workman who is not ashamed (14-15)

'These things' (14) refers to the gospel stated in 11-13. Christians should not quarrel about peripheral things or argue about words. We must study God's word prayerfully and diligently. The Bible is about Jesus, and our Bible study must lead us to him. We must do our best to be workmen who correctly handle the word of truth. We must pay attention to what the Bible says, think about what it means, and apply it to our own lives. Scripture is interpreted by other Scripture. We must serve God's word, hold it in our hearts and seek to plant it in others.

2. God's solid foundation of truth (16-19)

Some people enjoy sarcastic humor; others like lewd speech. Some show off their knowledge by pointless theological arguments. All godless chatter tears down faith; it does not build up. God's solid foundation is his elect people who obey and teach his word of truth. God knows his own; his own confess Jesus' name and turn from wickedness. They do not need to argue with ungodly people.

Prayer: Lord, help me to hold your word in my heart so that my conversation builds up others.

One Word: Handle the word of truth correctly