Passage: 2Timothy 2:1~7  

Keyverse: 3

1. Entrust the gospel to faithful men (1-2)

Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all nations. Entrusting God's word to reliable men who will live by it and will also teach others is the best way to do this. One-to-one Bible study is the best way. We need to be strong in the grace of Jesus in order to make disciples for Jesus.

2. Endure hardship like a good soldier (3-7)

There were those who advised Timothy to avoid the cross and not to be a fanatic--to do God's work in an easier way. But Jesus commands us to take our cross and follow him. We are engaged in a war. Good soldiers endure hardship; they don't get entangled in their personal affairs, or try to please themselves; they strive to please the commanding officer. Our commanding officer is Jesus. An athlete cannot win unless he follows the rules. We must do God's work in God's way. A farmer can't have a good harvest unless he works hard. Think about it.

Prayer: Lord, help me to be a good soldier in this spiritual warfare with the devil. Help me to be a disciple-maker.

One Word: Be a good soldier of Jesus