Passage: Colossians 4:2~6  

Key verse: 3

1. In chains for the gospel (2-4)

For Paul and for us, too, the most important task is that of proclaiming the gospel to the people of a sinsick and dying world. For this, we must devote ourselves to prayer. We must be alert to God's answers and be thankful. We must pray for open doors for the gospel; we must pray for ourselves and our fellow Christians to have courage and faith to proclaim the gospel message clearly, as we ought.

2. Make the most of every opportunity (5-6)

When God hears prayers and opens doors, we must have the faith to go in and make the most of the opportunities God gives. We need God's wisdom to act wisely toward unbelievers. We need God's help moment by moment so that our conversation may be full of grace and seasoned with salt--what we say should encourage and build up others.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for hearing our prayers and opening the door in Russia and in Africa. Bless the sacrificial lives of missionaries who are there to preach the mystery of Christ clearly.

One Word: Pray and work