Passage: Colossians 3:11~17  

Key verse: 16

1. Above all, put on love (11-14)

God's people are chosen from every race, sex, nationality and human condition. We have one thing in common--Christ is in us all. So we must love one another; we must bear with one another and forgive each other as Christ has forgiven us. We must be clothed in the compassion, kindness, humility and patience of Jesus.

2. Let the peace of Christ rule your hearts (15-16)

We are members of one body, called to peace. When God's word is in our hearts, then we can encourage one another without criticism, sing songs of praise to God, and be joyful, happy Christians.

3. Be thankful (17)

Gratitude to God and thankfulness are mentioned three times in these few verses. God wants us to be thankful--with no complaints about anything.

Prayer: Lord, let your word dwell richly in my heart. Give me your peace, and help me to grow in Jesus' image. Thank you for Christian brothers and sisters.

One Word: Let God's word dwell in you