Passage: Colossians 2:20~23  

Key verse: 20a

1. Since you died with Christ (20)

How is dying with Christ different from becoming an ascetic? When we repent and accept God's grace of forgiveness through Jesus, we die with him to sin and to the world. We are free to love God, to obey him and to do what pleases him. An ascetic tries to be more spiritual by submitting to rules or by punishing his body. But these things belong to the world because they are based on human commands and teachings. This is not the way to become more spiritual.

2. Restraining sensual indulgence (21-23)

An ascetic life may seem to make a person more holy, but if one's inner desires are not changed he is only living a double life. He appears on the surface to be holy, but his inner life is overwhelmed by sinful desires and feelings. Union with Christ by faith in his death and resurrection brings peace and changes the inner person.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to love you with a pure heart. Wash me clean with the precious blood of Jesus, shed for my sins.

One Word: I died to the world with Christ