Passage: 2Corinthians 11:16~33  

Key verse: 30

1. Worldly boasting (16-22)

The men who tried to discredit Paul's ministry were evidently able men from a human point of view. They were scholars with impeccable Jewish backgrounds. Some people think that because of their human background or human ability they can be spiritual leaders. Paul had a human background that would equal anyone's. But this was not what he boasted about.

2. Boasting about his weakness (23-33)

Paul's life as a pioneer missionary would make a movie more exciting than most of the adventure stories around. He described some experiences that most men would have preferred to forget--being beaten and put in jail, being hungry, cold and naked. He boasted about the dangers he faced for Christ's sake, and about the inner suffering he had experienced as he prayed for all the churches. Real spiritual leadership grows in this kind of soil.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to rejoice in suffering for Jesus' sake.

One Word: Be a fool for Jesus