Passage: 2Corinthians 11:7~15  

Key verse: 14

1. God knows I love you (7-11)

When he pioneered the church in Corinth, Paul had supported himself by working as a tentmaker. His living expenses were supplemented by gifts from other churches. The believers in Corinth were not rich or educated. They were not wise or influential by human standards. Many came from low and despised occupations (1Co 1:26-28). But Paul gave them his heart and saw a mighty work of God among them.

2. Beware of false apostles (12-15)

After he left, some teachers (perhaps Jews who insisted on circumcision) came who undermined their faith in the simple gospel of Jesus. These teachers were eloquent and persuasive. But Paul warned that even Satan comes masquerading as an angel of light. So Jesus' people must not be deceived by things that sound good or logical. We must test everything against the simple truth of the Bible. People who lead God's children astray must answer to God.

Prayer: Lord, guard my heart with your word and Spirit so that I may not be led astray.

One Word: Don't listen to Satan