Passage: 2Corinthians 10:12~18  

Key verse: 17

1. Don't measure by human standards (12-15a)

Paul had planted the gospel in Corinth. The believers there were his spiritual children, so he was concerned when someone began to sow seeds of doubt about him among them. He did not measure his work by human standards but sought God's approval. To Paul, boasting meant acknowledging God's work in himself and, through him, in his sheep. He did not criticize the work of others, but sought to build up, not tear down faith. He did his best to plant the seeds of the gospel in the field God had given him.

2. Paul's hope (15b-18)

His hope was that they might grow in faith, and that he might pioneer regions beyond them. Paul was a missionary; he wanted to go on to other unreached areas. He wanted the Corinthians to share with him in the world mission task. God is the one who can make gospel seed grow and produce fruit, so we should boast only in the Lord.

Prayer: Lord, there are many people who criticize others but do nothing about reaching the lost. Help me to grow in faith and share in world mission.

One Word: One whom the Lord commends