Passage: 1Corinthians 9:24~27  

Keyverse: 24

1. Strict training (24-25)

Paul saw himself as a boxer or as a long distance runner in training. Athletes endure strict physical training in order to win the prize. A runner disciplines his body severely. He knows that only one man will win the victor's crown. He wants to be that man. However, the crown he wins will perish. How much more we should be willing to subject ourselves to God's training so that we can win the crown of life- the crown that will last forever.

2. I do not run aimlessly (26-27)

Paul did not run the spiritual race aimlessly. His training had a point. His personal sacrifices and self-discipline were for the sake of planting the gospel in the Gentile world. He did not beat the air; each punch landed on its intended target. Furthermore, he disciplined himself to live according to the gospel he preached, so that he himself might not be disqualified.

Prayer: Lord, help me to live according to your gospel. Help me to discipline myself.

One Word: Don't beat the air; run to win