Passage: Acts 15:12~21  

Key verse: 14

1. God's purpose revealed in Scripture (12-18)

Barnabas and Paul testified to the assembly about the wonderful work of God among the Gentiles. James (the brother of Jesus and moderator of the Council) made a decision based on Scripture, not just on experience. The prophets looked forward to the time when the Descendant of David, the Messiah, would rebuild David's fallen tent, a time when all the Gentiles who bear the name of the Lord would come into that tent and be God's people. God chose the Jews and blessed them so that they could be a kingdom of priests to bring all the world back to God.

2. Don't make it hard for new believers (19-21)

So James concluded that God's people should welcome Gentile believers and not make it difficult for them to come to God. Only faith in Jesus is necessary for salvation. There are some things, however, which are offensive to God. Those who love God should know this and try to please him.

Prayer: Lord, help me to keep your scriptures and your world mission purpose in my heart, so that I can discern your will.

One Word: God wants us to be missionaries