Passage: Acts 14:8~20  

Key verse: 15b

1. A lame man healed (8-13)

The people of Lystra lived in the darkness of superstition. They lived by their feelings. But as Paul preached the gospel to the inattentive crowd, he saw one man who was listening. He was a man crippled from birth. Paul saw that he had faith, and he healed him. His suddenly transformed life turned the crowd's indifference into intense excitement. Emotional excitement is not faith. They should have repented and believed the gospel, but they didn't. They called Paul and Barnabas Greek gods and tried to worship them.

2. Creation faith; resurrection faith (14-20)

The apostles refused their worship, tore their clothes in protest, and challenged the people to turn from worthless things and worship the Creator God. They tried to teach them Genesis. But the crowd, incited by some Jews, suddenly turned on Paul, stoned him, and left him for dead. By resurrection faith he got up and went back into the city.

Prayer: Lord, help me to preach Jesus and honor him only in every circumstance.

One Word: Worship the Creator God