Passage: Acts 12:12~24  

Key verse: 24

1. Astonished that God answers prayer (12-17)

Peter realized that he had been rescued from prison and death. He went to the home of Mary, where the church had gathered to pray for him. When he knocked and called, the servant girl recognized his voice, but she was so astonished that she forgot to open the door. They finally let him in and he told them how the Lord had rescued him. Then he went into hiding for a time. God answers prayer.

2. Herod's death (18-25)

Herod had the guards executed. He thought he could destroy the church of God, but he himself died a miserable death. He exercised the power of life and death over the people of a certain province by controlling their food supply. He enjoyed their flattery when they called him a god. Immediately, an angel of God struck him down; he was eaten by worms and died. But the word of God continued to increase and spread.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to love and fear you--and to believe that you answer prayer.

One Word: The devil can't win when we pray