Passage: Acts 12:1~11  

Key verse: 5

1. The church prayed (1-5)

Christians in Jerusalem were persecuted by Herod. He had the Apostle James put to death. He saw that this pleased the Jews, so he arrested Peter. Everyone feared the worst. Peter was the spiritual leader and shepherd of the church, and they needed his leadership. But what could they do? They were helpless. So they prayed. Their prayers seemed but a feeble gesture in the face of the power of an evil king who was backed by the ruthless Roman Empire.

2. The Lord sent an angel (6-11)

Peter was sleeping, chained between two guards. He calmly awaited certain death the next day. But God heard the prayers of his people and sent his angel to rescue Peter. Peter was not expecting an angel. But the angel came and broke the chains and opened the prison door. Peter finally realized that God was rescuing him, and he walked right out of prison.

Prayer: Lord, teach me to pray and not give up, even when it seems impossible.

One Word: The church prayed earnestly