Passage: Acts 11:1~18  

Key verse: 18

1. Peter answers criticism (1-16)

The Jewish believers in Jerusalem criticized Peter for going to the home of Gentiles and eating with them. He told the apostles and brothers about his vision, and how God had led him to Cornelius' house. There, he had found a gathering of Gentiles. They were waiting to hear the message of salvation. When he preached Jesus to these Gentiles, the Holy Spirit came on them just as he had come at Pentecost. God blessed the faith of these Gentiles. He baptized them with the Holy Spirit and accepted them into his church. He did not require them to become Jews first.

2. Could I oppose God? (17-18)

Peter concluded: 'I remembered Jesus' words and saw that God gave the Gentiles the same gift as he had given us at Pentecost. How could I oppose God?' So the brothers praised God. They recognized this major turning point in God's redemptive history--'God has granted even the Gentiles repentance unto life.'

Prayer: Lord, help me to remember your words and follow you, not my own feelings, prejudices or logic.

One Word: Jesus' gospel is for everybody