Passage: Acts 10:34~48  

Key verse: 36

1. Jesus Christ is Lord of all (34-36)

The Jews thought that God loved only them. But God taught Peter that he does not show favoritism. He accepts any person who fears him and does what is right--regardless of that person's human condition. The Good News of peace through Jesus is for everyone who accepts Jesus Christ as Lord.

2. What happened in Judea (37-48)

The gospel is rooted in fact. Peter reviewed the basic facts: John preached repentance; then, Jesus, anointed by the Holy Spirit, went around doing good and healing. He challenged the devil and set men free. Then, they killed him by nailing him to the cross. But God raised him from the dead on the third day. The Risen Jesus was seen by witnesses. He commanded his disciples to testify about God's sure judgment, and about forgiveness of sin through faith in Jesus. Cornelius and his friends believed, and the Holy Spirit came upon them.

Prayer: Praise Jesus, who is Lord of all and Savior of all who come to him. Thank you for the peace that Jesus gives through the gospel.

One Word: Believe in Jesus and be forgiven