Passage: Acts 1:12~26  

Key verse: 14a

1. They all joined together in prayer (12-14)

Jesus told them to wait in Jerusalem for the gift the Father promised--the Holy Spirit. So, after receiving his world mission command, they went back to Jerusalem. About 120 disciples--including the Eleven and Jesus' mother and brothers--gathered together to pray. They must have praised God who raised Jesus, and asked his power to do his work.

2. Judas' place filled (15-26)

Judas' betrayal was an unsolved problem in their hearts. As they prayed, God moved Peter to expose this problem and solve it. The broken vessel of the Spirit should be mended. The 12 apostles were to the church like the 12 tribes were to Israel. They were unique witnesses to Jesus' life, death and resurrection. The New Testament would come from them. Peter left no room for human sympathy. He sought and found God's direction in scripture, and the Lord showed them who he had chosen.

Prayer: Lord, help us to unite in prayer until you send your Spirit.

One Word: Pray together