Passage: Luke 2:21~40  

Key verse: 2:30

First, a light for revelation to the Gentiles (21-32). Joseph and Mary brought the Baby Jesus to the temple to dedicate him to the Lord. While they were there, Simeon who was waiting for the Messiah came up to them led by the Spirit. He took the baby in his arms and blessed him. He called the Baby Jesus a light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to Israel. Jesus came to be the light of the world. Jesus opens our spiritual eyes to see the Father and to see the kingdom of God. He is also glory to Israel, for he is the King of the Jews. Second, a sword will pierce your own soul too (33-35). Simeon also said to his mother Mary that this baby would cause the rising and falling of many in Israel and that a sword would pierce her own soul. This refers to Jesus being rejected and dying on the cross as the Lamb of God. Seeing her son suffering this way would be a sword to her soul. Mary had to pay a cost to bear the Savior of the world. Third, the redemption of Jerusalem (36-40). Another waiting person, Anna an eighty-four year old widow, spoke about Jesus to all who were waiting for the redemption of Jerusalem, the City of David.

Prayer: Lord, my eyes have seen your salvation in the Baby Jesus. He is the light and hope of the world. Help me to wait for your salvation like Simeon and Anna.

One Word: Wait for Jesus