Passage: Luke 24:36~43  

Keyverse: 39

1. Peace be with you (36)

The Eleven heard the report of the two disciples of Emmaus. They were talking about Jesus when suddenly the Risen Jesus stood among them. He greeted them with the words, 'Peace be with you.' It was more than a greeting. The Risen Jesus is the only source of real peace.

2. It is I myself (37-43)

They were frightened, for they thought they were seeing a ghost. But the Risen Jesus was real. He showed them his nail-pierced hands and feet. They could touch him. When they still couldn't believe because of joy and amazement, he ate a piece of broiled fish before them. Ghosts don't eat fish. Jesus came to them to give them resurrection faith. The fact of the resurrection is the foundation of the Christian faith. This is our source of hope. These men were called to be witnesses of the resurrection.

Prayer: Lord, I believe that you died and rose for my sins and the sins of the world. Thank you for your peace.

One Word: He is risen indeed