Passage: Luke 23:50~56  

Key verse: 53

1. Joseph of Arimathea (50-54)

Joseph was a member of the Sanhedrin, and he was wealthy. But he loved the truth, and he had not consented to the Council's decision to kill Jesus. He put his hope in the kingdom of heaven, not in the things of the world. It took courage to go to Pilate and ask for Jesus' body, for in so doing he identified himself as a follower of Jesus. He personally took the body of Jesus down from the cross, wrapped it in a linen cloth and placed it in a new tomb cut in a rock.

2. Faithful women (55-56)

The women were powerless, but they did not run away. They waited and watched and witnessed Jesus' burial. They loved Jesus to the end and did what they could. They could testify to the fact of Jesus' death and burial. Later, they could testify to the fact of his resurrection from the dead on the third day.

Prayer: Lord, help me to have clear identity as a Christian no matter what the circumstances or the danger might be.

One Word: Be faithful to the end