Passage: Luke 23:32~43  

Key verse: 34

1. He did not save himself (32-38)

Jesus did not die for his own sins; he did not even pray for himself. Jesus prayed for those who killed him. The soldiers did not know what they were doing; they only thought of the small material benefit they could get from his clothes. The people who watched did not know what they were saying when they mocked, 'He saved others; let him save himself....' All mankind thoughtlessly contributes to Jesus' death, for Jesus died for all sinners--including those who, in their ignorance, do not take sin seriously. His prayer (34) includes me.

2. Jesus, remember me (39-43)

Jesus hung between two criminals. He took one of them to paradise with him. The other went to hell alone. The one who was saved did not excuse himself nor did he minimize his crimes. He believed that Jesus was Christ the King; he only asked his mercy.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for forgiving my sins. Help me to live as a forgiven sinner, with my hope in your kingdom.

One Word: Father, forgive them