Passage: Luke 23:13~25  

Key verse: 25

1. No basis for charges (13-22)

Pilate examined Jesus in the presence of his accusers and found that their charges had no basis. Then, in order to save himself, he chose the way of compromise. To appease the religious leaders, he offered to punish Jesus anyway, then release him. This was unjust. If Jesus were innocent, he should be released without punishment--because of his innocence, not because of the custom of releasing one prisoner.

2. Handed over to their will (23-25)

The mob, incited by the chief priests, shouted, 'Crucify him.' They shouted until their will prevailed. Pilate gave in and decided to release a murderer and crucify an innocent man. There is no compromise before the cross. Jesus died in the place of a criminal. He died in my place, and in the place of all sinful people.

Prayer: Lord, I criticize Pilate, but how often I make small compromises. Jesus died for my sins. Lord, forgive me and cleanse me by his blood.

One Word: Jesus died for sinners